Hi and welcome to Find Tasty!

We hope you are all keeping safe.
During the Covid 19 outbreak, we realised there are brilliant independent businesses innovating to meet the needs of people who are in lockdown in their own homes. Due to a rapidly changing and confusing situation, coupled with the fact people can not explore and go out as they used to, we want to make it really easy for customers to connect with independent shops that remain open and support them.

For the independent business owners out there, this is a moment for you to build long-standing relationships with customers who need you right now. Don’t worry if you can’t spend any money on this, we have a free service on the site which will get your business details out there. We really want independent businesses to be successful at this difficult time and to continue operating after the outbreak has subsided. For independent food and drink businesses, you are innovating to meet the needs of the people – so we want to make sure that’s easy to communicate to everybody, everywhere.
Helen and Richard xxx

P.S. We also run Find Marketing – we do a lot of marketing and we’re proud to do the right thing, right now.