New Kings Coffee

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New Kings Coffee supply a selection of 100% Arabica, single origin, fresh ground coffees from around the world. Served in a brew-in-the-cup coffee bag (like a teabag), we provide consumers with a choice of different strengths, tastes and aromas, in a quick, convenient and mess-free way to make a great tasting cup of coffee. All of our coffees are single origin, Fairtrade and Organic, ensuring we provide only the very best, whilst supporting the people and environments in the coffee growing regions. 

You can choose from:

  • Organic Dark Roast from Sumatra, Indonesia – Rich, indulgent and full bodied with notes of peach syrup and spices, with subtle acidity and intense dark chocolate finish.
  • Organic Medium Roast from Guatemala – Rich and full flavoured with fruity acidity and good body. Notes of almond and toffee with a distinct acidic finish.
  • Organic Light Roast from Sidamo, Ethiopia – High notes of blackcurrant, stone fruit and acidic red cherry. Light on the tongue with an aromatic, fruity finish.
  • Organic Decaf Roast from San Ignacio, Peru – Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. Smooth, mild and sweet with good notes of roasted peanut, soft milk chocolate and cookie dough. Medium-bodied with mild acidity and slight burnt sugar sweetness.

We deliver nationwide.